Agustin Barrios International Guitar Competition 2011

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Agustin Barrios International Guitar Competition 2011

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Dates: 25-26-27 November 2011, Nuoro (ITALY)
Organized by Associazione Musicare
Sponsored by: Ministero Beni Culturali, Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, Provincia di Nuoro, Fondazione Banco di Sardegna, Città di Nuoro

In collaboration with
- Brilliant Classics
- - Network Italiano per la Chitarra Classica
- Melbay Editions
- Orphée Editions
- Me.To. Recording Studio


§ 1
The Associazione Musicare organizes the VII edition of «Agustin Barrios International Guitar Competition». The Competition is open to guitarists of all nationalities who have not won the First Prize in the past editions.

The application form should be sent to:

Associazione Musicare
Agustin Barrios International Guitar Competition 2011
Via Ugo la Malfa 51, 08100
Nuoro (Italy)

Along with the application form, candidates should enclose:
a) a receipt for the transaction of € 100.00
b) A photocopy of an identity document
c) One recent photo
d) A Curriculum vitae

Registration will take place sending by mail the required documents, with the registration form signed by the candidate. The names of the Judges will be given to the press and to candidates who have completed their registration.

The participation fee must be credited within November 21, 2011 by:

A) Bank transfer
Associazione MUSICARE Via Ugo la Malfa 51 08100 Nuoro (Italy)
Swift Code: BPSAIT3SXXX IBAN : IT48B0567617300000003050856
State : IT CIN 1 : 48 CIN 2 : B A.B.I. 05676 C.A.B. 17300
Account no. 000000350856 della Banca di Sassari - Agenzia di Nuoro

B) Credit Card: through the site

Will be accepted exclusively Melbay Editions for all obligatory works.
The PDF files of the obligatory works will be made available for free with direct permission of the Melbay Editions to all those who complete the application process.

Qualifying Round - November 25, 2011
A program of up to 10 minutes, including:
1) Agustin Barrios «Gavota al estilo antiguo» (Melbay)
2) Free choice of pieces by the candidate

Semifinal Round - November 26, 2011
A program of up to 15 minutes, including:
1) Agustin Barrios «Medallon antiguo» (Melbay)
2) At least one piece by Agustin Barrios chosen from the following:
- Altair (Melbay)
- Estudio en si menor (Melbay)
- Habanera (Melbay)
3) Free choice of pieces by the candidate (excluding those performed during the Qualifying Round)

Final Round - November 27, 2011
A program of up to 25 minutes, including:
1) Agustin Barrios: «Vals tropical» (Melbay)
2) At least one piece in form of Sonata or Sonatina of XX° century or contemporary
3) Free choice of pieces by the candidate (excluding those performed during the Qualifying and
Semifinal round)

Exclusively original works for guitar are admitted.
The judgement about interpretation will include an evaluation of the musical quality of the program proposed by each candidate.

1) The competition location will be announced in the month of March 2011.
2) The competition will run from November 25 to November 27, 2010 - Nuoro (ITALY)
3) On November 25, at 09.30am, in the location competition, there will be a meeting with all the guitarists during
which the Jury will be presented and the candidates will be informed of the time table of the Qualifying Round
which will begin at 11 am.
4) For entering the qualifying round, each candidate must produce a valid document of identification.
5) Only the Final Round will be open to public.

1) The International Jury will consist of at least five members, of different nationalities and of established
2) The following are not allowed to form part of the International Jury: any relative or friend of any of the
contestants: anyone who is teaching or who has privately taught any contestant within the last two years;
members of the Jury who are teaching at school at present or who have taught any of the contestants in the last
two years must refrain from discussions and abstain from voting for their own contestants. This abstention shall
be recorded in the minutes. In compliance with this, when the Jury is being sworn in each member shall make a
statement as to his/personal position concerning the contestant.
3) If one or more of the members of the Jury are unable to attend the competition, they will be replaced with
jurors selected by the organizing committee.
4) A competitor's performance may be interrupted at any moment considered appropriate by the jury.

1) The final prize will be awarded on November 27, after Final Round open to public.
2) The selection of the semifinalists to be admitted to the final (a maximum of three) will be made by the jury,
and it will be based on a simple majority of votes. The jury's decision is final.

1st PRIZE:
- € 5.000,00 and Diploma;
- Record deal with major label Brilliant Classics for publishing one CD of original guitar music;
- Handmade classical guitar by Livio Lorenzatti (commercial value € 3.000,00);
- Gift voucher for a value of 500,00 USD from Editions Orphée online eShop;
- Three concerts in Italy;
- 1 year subscription to italian classical guitar magazine Seicorde.
First Prize is given only with a percentage vote of at least 4 out of 5.

- € 3.500,00 and Diploma;
- Two concerts in Italy;
- 1 year subscription to italian classical guitar magazine Seicorde.

- € 2.000,00 e Diploma;
- 1 year subscription to italian classical guitar magazine Seicorde.

SPECIAL PRIZE «Agustin Barrios»: is foreseen the Agustin Barrios Prize (€ 1.000,00, cash) for the best performance of Barrios works in all Rounds.
This prize can be attributed only by unanimously.

The prizes cannot be shared.
All diplomas will be awarded in the final round.
The payment of prize money will be made exclusively through bank or electronic transaction.


The First Prize Winner, not later than November 29 2010, shall release to the organizing staff of the Barrios Competition tracklist of 65-75 minutes which will be submitted to Brilliant Classics.
The tracklist that must respond to these features:
1) Must contain only original music for guitar already published preferably of the authors of the twentieth
century and/or contemporary;
2) Must contain at least 20 minutes of original works for guitar by the Paraguayan composer Agustin Barrios.
The Staff of Barrios Competition will forward the proposal to the major label Brilliant Classics that have freedom to accept or reject the proposal trackist discussing with the winner through the organizing staff of Barrios Competition every possible alternative.

1) The organizing committee in collaboration with the Me.To. Recording Studio (Asti, Italy) will cover the cost for
the master recording sessions up to a maximum of #4 (four) days of registration.
2) The recordings will take place at Me.To. Recording Studio of Ermanno Brignoli (Asti, Italy).
3) Travel, food and lodging costs necessary to stay Asti for the recording of the master shall be borne by
the winner.
4) The winner in agreement with the Me.To. Recording Studio will establish a work schedule.
5) The recording sessions must be completed no later than December 21, 2011 otherwise the prize will
not be assigned.

The competition management reserves the right to record all rounds and final concert or documenting the competition, and circulate the materials with no royalties to be payed to performers. By signing the application form, the applicant gives permission for the production of the recording and related broadcasts. The full copyright remains the property of Associazione Musicare..

Application to participate in the competition implies that the candidates unconditionally accept all of the rules and regulations currently established. In the event of any disagreement or difference of opinion concerning the rules, the only valid text will be the original in the Italian language.
Cristiano Porqueddu
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